Ok, I fully admit to having too many blogs, so I am cross-posting.  At least, that’s what I think I’m doing.  Please see here, here and here for an array of different blogs from moi.  Husband of mine seems to think I have too many blogs and should widdle down to one.  But I disagree.  These blogs each represent different facets of my thinking, after all.  What am I going to do, write a crabby entry about Garrison Keillor and post it on THIS blog?  Please.  Granted, I am not really sure what it is doing in my Soil Sister blog, either, but it seems to fit, since that blog is materializing to be a sort of I’m-a-farmer-with-misanthropic-tendencies outpouring of not exactly my life, but things related to my life.  And most of time, yeah, it’s a little bitchy.

Radical Root Farm’s blog (supposed to be more of my herbal blog but whatever), on the other hand, is more of my life.  Except it’s my life in the way that it is read by people I don’t really know,  like CSA members of ours.  So again, different voice. 

And Urban Grower was my first blog.  My first baby.  The sweet taste of blogging that started it all! 

So there you have it.  I even started a women-and-fiction blog that I decided was just ridiculous to have at this point so I stopped it.    See?  Not addicted, just enthused.


I know I am terribly behind the times with this, but here is a great interview from Ms. magazine with ecofeminist and personal hero, Vandana Shiva, regarding the UN Climate Change  Conference in Copenhagan.  It is no secret that climate change disproportionately affects women in poverty-stricken countries.  This is something that needs to be addressed more often, because what affects women in these areas, the primary caregivers, will trickle down and drench everything and everyone else. 

 To me, this is the real crux of the issue.  Green Feminism is an essential building block to the fine architecture of a just and functional society.  GF is constructive and efficacious to all living things.  Without it, there is a gaping societal hole that is left to just be plugged up with shit.  Actually, there are many gaping holes that are everywhere in our damaged society, and they need to be cleaned out and sealed up, stat.  Green Feminism isn’t just important for women to prosper.  It’s for boys and men and transgendered folk as well as plants and animals and oceans and soil and rivers, too.  Not to get too delphic on you, but let me just say what I feel the real core of this blog dwindles down to: without GF, it is all hurt, we are all hurt, because everything is everything.  (Can you dig it?   …sorry, I had to.).

So, curiously, I did a google search for “Green Feminism”.  This blog is the first thing that comes up. 

The second listing…and third and fourth, I believe…is about the new female Hulk comic book character, She-Hulk, which Marvel comics for some reason is calling the new “Green Feminism”.  I mean, I get it, it’s a female comic book hero who has green skin.  But that is it.  No wikipedia entry, nothing. 

Ecofeminism, however, is definitely more of a thing, with lots of websites driven by pagan devotees, along with listings of more theoretical books on Amazon.  Which makes me want to talk about what exactly the difference is.  What IS Green Feminism?  Why do we need it if we already have Ecofeminism? 

Well, for one, Ecofeminism doesn’t talk about urban gardening, or sprouting alfalfa sprouts on the kitchen table, or cooking with a solar oven.  For the most part, it is more theory, underpinned with threads of Deep Ecology and sometimes eco-spirituality.  Which I have the upmost respect for.  Green feminism is alittle more accessible, however.  It is more about action.  And the awareness that hovers above that action.  Green Feminism is out to educate and create.  We apply it to daily life.  Living Green, living feminism: living Green Feminism.   

What are Green Feminists doing?  We are planting tomatoes and peppers and lettuce in pots to put on our balconies.  We are riding bikes and learning how to fix them ourselves.  We are learning all we can about nutrition and herbalism and planting medicinal plants in parks via guerilla gardening.  We are looking into implementing graywater systems in our homes and where we work.  We are reading about permaculture and planting fruit trees where we can.  We are figuring things out and writing about them, so we can help others. 

Green feminism is new, and modern, and always evolving to make it forever applicable to life.  We are also looking at things with an unflinching, media literate eye.  With combinded forces we are set out to squash all forms of oppression.  And having a shovel and a seed packet in our hands is always a good place to start.


I guess the question is really: am I really surprised? PETA, possibly the lamest “activist” group in the activist world, has come through again with these super lame ads that don’t really have anything to do with animal rights, but a lot to do with women-as-sexual-vessels.

I have to say, though, that the Alicia Silverstone ad is lamer than the Dita Von Teese one…maybe because I sort of like/have a fascination with Dita Von Teese. She wrote a book that talks about the history of Burlesque and was married to Marilyn Manson, for God’s sake. Her ad is sort of kitchy and cute, too. Well–almost. Look, it’s better than the what-the-hell ad that pseudo-activist Alicia Silverstone is doing. Hey, I appreciate Alicia Silverstone stands for something, ANYTHING, really, which is sadly an anomally in the young hollywood circuit, but does she even know what she’s talking about? Does she know any of the issues? AT ALL? Her ad doesn’t make me really angry, actually, it’s just that the ad is so stupid, so it naturally annoys me to no end. Hearing her talk about vegetarianism in print interviews, she seems to match up well, I suppose, with PETA’s puppies-are-cute-so-don’t-eat-beef elementary school ideology, and apparently skipped the part in her life to bother reading/skimming the book jacket of Carol J. Adams’ The Sexual Politics of Meat.

Since becoming obsessed with reading about food activist issues, I’ve decided in recent times that most vegan/vegetarian lifestyles are counter-productive in helping the world (See my anti-vegan rant on my urban gardening blog. Or read the great Barbara Kingsolver, or read Jessica Prentice’s Blood Moon chapter in Full Moon Feast). But I WAS a vegetarian for quite some time before I made this decision, and, starting in high school, feminist issues were part of my vegetarian crusade. A lot had to do with factory farming, those oppressed animals being equated with oppressed women, and sexual politics. Things that PETA apparently has never thought about.

However, many people have heard me bitch about PETA and their idiocy, and these ads, right on the heels of their deplorable “milk gone wild” ads, are pretty characteristic. Micheal Pollen bitches about them, too. In Omnivore’s Dilemma he talks about how counter-active their protests are concerning the hunting of non-native boars for food in one region of California. Though the invasive boars are literally destroying the natural habitat for many native plants and animals, making it virtually impossible for them to survive, and though people are hunting these boars for food, they oppose the hunting, with no regard or thought for any sort of ecological systems in place.

PETA is like the dumb, sheltered trust fund kid born in affluent, white suburbia who has never left, except for occasional cruises to the Carribean or shopping trips in Italy. However, he/she still feels for something, although doesn’t really think about any deep-rooted issues AROUND that one thing, because, like, he/she’s never really thought THAT hard about it.

Oh, lord, I could go on for days. I just wish that an activist group that apparently has a lot of money and a prominent voice really did do good things, because they DO have the pull and the power. In fact, PETA2 was voted “favorite activist group” among Venus Zine’s readers not too long ago. I think this has much to do with celebrity-driven ads making them so high-profiled. I just wish that instead of just “be vegetarian”, they could at least mention supporting small-scale farms or growing your own food. Because supporting Phillip Morris’ Boca Burgers or Kellogg’s Morning Star Farms veggie corn dogs not only supports destroying woodland animals’ natural habitats with their enormous, corporate fields, but also supports the polluting of surrounding habitats for other animals, and killing many of them with the huge farm machinery of plows and tractors. Supporting them is supporting monsterous corporations, making their careless, money-driven actions virtually unstoppable.

See? Days, I say.

With no issue of apology, two twin incidents have happened on Southwest Airline flights where flight attendants have told women that they were wearing inappropriate clothing and to “cover up”.

I have been thinking a lot about these cases. Really in terms of the bigger picture, mind you. What does this really mean? A feminist commentator (who they gave, like, three seconds to speak) on CNN asked if this would have happened to a man. Well, it would most likely never happen to a man–but is there a deeper, more frightening aspect about what these incidents are saying?

I fear there’s a much scarier underlying message. Both of the women asked to cover up were thin and busty. They wore regular tank tops and had an above-the-knee skirt. Their outfits were fine. They were normally-dressed for hot weather outside. What SW saw as obscene were not their clothes, but their bodies. And when you start labeling women’s bodies as obscene, you are trekking on dangerous territory.

Hell, I’m surprised that SW hasn’t started handing out burkas to all women boarding the plane.


My crush on Justin Timberlake is fading.


He was so cute in his first solo vid, dancing MJ style. There was no creepy shaved head-with-goatee combo. He sang part of the song in falsetto, kind of like Prince. And the dancing! Did I mention he could dance?

Then, things got…not so cute. The first big downfall being the famed Superbowl event, in which JT ended his performance duet by ripping off Janet Jackson’s metallic-looking push-up bra, revealing a naked boob. Instead of the masses being horrified at the violent nature that this act seemed to be done in (aggressively, without permission, very sexual assault-like), people were more offended at the idea of seeing an uncovered baby-feeder. (My God, the superbowl is a FAMILY SHOW! That thing is supposed to be greased-up and in a string bikini top, not NAKED!). The football-watching, cheetoes-eating public flew off the handle, mostly at Miss J for owning a pair of breasts, leaving sweet JT virtually unscathed.

And now? Oh, Justin. How you have forsaken me. For starters, while I enjoy dancing to a little “Sexyback” now and then, his album is littered with lyrics that honestly gross me out. The beginning track, “Future Sex/LoveSong”, is a prime example; while I’m into the beat and all, I literally squirm as he cooes: “Come here closer to me, little girl; Daddy’s on a mission to please.” Seriously, I am fine with the you-call-me-mommy, I’ll-call-you-daddy thing that seemed to take off in pop songs for a while, but “little girl”? Is this the new trend? Is Dateline’s To Catch a Predator no longer about committing a crime, or even a taboo, but just like, a hip thing now?

Justin, what in God’s name has gotton into you?? And that’s not where it ends, folks! No sir, the eww train doesn’t stop here! What’s the next stop? Let’s let the new JT/50 Cent video “AYO technology” be the final destination. This video I will not even bother fully describing. I’m unsure about what the storyboards of this video must have looked like, but it’s something to do with some sort of manipulative technology that both 50 and JT use to “control” women (ooo, edgy!), seemingly in a consensual way. Justin exceeds his creepy quota physically, his head never looking more shaved and his goatee never looking more painted on. The video is aggressive, semi-violent, and supposedly, I guess, “sexy”. “Creepy is the new sexy” is what I’m gathering, and if you decide to youtube it, you will see countless idiotic comments supporting this turpitude and screwed up version of an trend.

One day (and this was the last day I’ll ever do it, I swear) I decided to hate the world and read many of these comments. Gems like “Damn wish I could get wit thos girls” and “i wana fuk them too like 50” are some things I found from what I’m guessing are quotes from boys under the age of sixteen. And the comments by girls weren’t much better. According to the female youtubers, they wish Justin could control THEM.

Reading all of these comments, I couldn’t take it anymore, and actually signed on to youtube, fake name and all, and posted. My post said the video was creepy, not sexy or hot, and so on. And guess what. My comment was marked maybe 10 minutes later as freakin’ SPAM! I was furious, to which point I commented AGAIN, this time chiding my youtube children, hopefully making a few cry. “You people are all ROBOTS, unable to think critically about anything, or think for yourselves at all, really!” was the basic gist of my scolding.

I haven’t checked, but I’m sure that comment was spammed as well. Or else I was replied to with the usual youtube adroitness of name-calling.

But what this shows is that even with JT’s growing creepy factor, crushes will remain intact all over the country. And world, I guess. I don’t see people turning on him anytime soon, but with the direction he is going, some discretion should be happening.  Call me an idealist, but I’d like to see an against-the-grain youtube comment every now and then.

clip_gameover-1_phixr3.jpgSince I’m sort of planning a wedding or whatever, I have spurts of energy where I go online and do research about the usual things that go into planning a wedding.  Usually this ends up with me getting so sick of even thinking of having a stupid wedding that I end up slamming my laptop shut and curse the day this ring was ever put on my finger! 

But I come across crap like this every so often.  Message to Target, sellers of this hilarious shirt:  please.  This is such a tired and lame stereotype.  The poor, hapless, commitment-phobe man, getting conned by the woman who, I guess, “wins the game”.  This played-out idea is illustrated in other ways, of course: strippers at bachelor parties, for one.  Because the sad, downtrodden groom-to-be needs at least one more night of “freedom”.  I mean, he might as well be wearing an orange jumpsuit after the ceremony, because life is going to be total hell from then on!  Milk that bachelor party, mister, because that’s the last ounce of fun YOU’LL ever have!  Say your vows, sucker, so your bride can throw away the KEY! 

I’m just talking about A LITTLE more gender equality, folks.  Not to say that if this shirt had both the bride and groom frowning it would be funnier, but it would at least be fair.  And I don’t care if people who are buying it don’t really “mean” it, because it’s a “joke”.  Let’s face it: this shirt just isn’t funny, and if you’re buying it, you should call off your wedding immediately. 

Green Feminists Unite!

May 11, 2007

My first entry.  As usual, my first entry will be concise, to-the-point, and basically just something to get that automated wordpress.com “this is your new blog” entry off the screen.  So, ta-da!  Here we are!  My new feminist blog.  I couldn’t help it, really; after working for a while on my food activist blog, I thought, I want to write about feminism, too.  But it didn’t seem right to incorporate it in a food activist one, so I just made another.  And with this one, I’m bringing “green feminism” back into the limelight, a movement that started in the ’60s and sort of faded after that.  A movement combining environmental activism with feminism, I thought it appropriate for the the likes of me.  That said, sometimes my entries will be environment-related and woman-related, sometimes it will just be one or the other…but my thought is that even when it seems separate, they are always intertwined.  Because feminism is about anti-oppression.  And that means all kinds. 

And, just a sidenote, some of you, my dear readers, may be wondering at this time, why isn’t this blog just say it’s about eco-feminism?  What’s the difference, anyway?  Well.  I don’t think, in terms of a foundation of ideas, there really (fundamentally anyway) is much of a difference.  But eco-feminism I think has a slightly flaky association for some, sort of flightly and more about dancing naked to the beat of drum circles underneath the full moon than about concrete political activism.  To those thinkers, I see your point.  Personally, I’m sort of into both (um, the dancing and the political activism.  Not too much the drum circles, though.).  But I wanted to just make this a little more concrete.  However, I have nothing against the term eco-feminism, I only think it’s been muddled in recent years to become a term that is unrelateable for many. 

Ok!  So, onward!  Tis the beginning!  Let us explore the issues that are increasingly encroaching on our rights as women and  that of the planet.  Toward victory!  Hip hip hooray!